Results Based Personal Fitness Coaching. Unlock your Potential!

  • Movement Screening- Every client has a different entry point into a fitness program.  Performing a movement screen gives us vital information so we can get you performing the correct exercises to reach your goals safely!  We use the Functional movement screen to guide us in providing a custom-made program unique to your goals and your current abilities.
  • Expert coaching- Here at Strait Fitness we take pride in our continuing education and work with other professionals in the fitness, nutrition, and physical rehab industry to deliver the best possible coaching programs on the Olympic Peninsula.
  • Private Facility-  The Strait Fitness studio is a truly private training environment.  Sometimes just the thought of going to the gym and not knowing what to do keeps people from even starting a fitness program.  We take out all the distractions and put all the focus on making your comfortable while still delivering a safe and effective workout! We have options for 1 on 1 coaching as well as very small group training 4 clients to 1 coach.

Strait Fitness will set you up for success. By providing a custom fitness program individualized to your unique needs. Strait Fitness will also provide a habit based nutrition strategy geared specifically towards reaching your fitness goals, Strait Fitness will have you on your way to looking, feeling and performing your best. 

Take charge of your health and fitness schedule a FREE strategy session by clicking HERE. 

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